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What comes after “After the Absolute?”

Richard Rose urged his students to become spiritual “vectors;” unwavering rays of determination directed towards an Unknown Destination, powered by the sum total of their spiritual efforts and ambitions.

After David Gold and Richard Rose parted ways in January of 1993, the vector they’d constructed during their 20 year student-teacher relationship propelled Gold into new forums of spiritual inquiry and expression.

From 1993 to 2001, Gold co-chaired the Self Knowledge Symposium,  mentoring students on the campuses of Duke, The University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University.  Though awakening and inspiring thousands of young men and women to seek out a more meaningful existence, Gold realized that he was unable to provide a viable roadmap of how to truly live the spiritual life.  Though Rose had created a powerful system for spiritual attainment through renunciation, he offered little guidance about what the attainment might mean to the world.  For Rose, the only purpose of enlightenment was to awaken yourself – and then others – from this very bad dream we call life.

When Gold met Andrew Cohen in 2001, he was no longer looking for a teacher. Married with a new born daughter, Gold thought his days of dynamic spiritual digging were over.  His vector thought otherwise.  And in the 7 years Gold has spent working with Cohen, he has discovered that dimension that Rose considered to be largely irrelevant – how to live a liberated life in the world, such that the perfection of enlightenment infuses and informs the ever-evolving universe.  Free from waiting for the experience of Enlightenment, Gold has joined Cohen and a whole matrix of Evolutionaries who are fully committed to bringing the light of Awakened Consciousness to the Evolutionary Process Itself, in order to create the best possible future for all of creation.

Gold currently divides his time between Lenox, Massachusetts, where Cohen’s umbrella organization, EnlightenNext is headquartered, and his home in Raleigh North Carolina.  He serves on EnlightenNext’s Board of Directors, is Chair of the Development Committee, and is active in marketing efforts for the Universe Project, which serves as a catalyst and nucleus for cooperative efforts among spiritual luminaries such as Deepok Chopra, Ken Wilbur, Steve MacIntosh and others. He founded the EnlightenNext center in Raleigh North Carolina, where he teaches Evolutionary Enlightenment courses and works with Impulse, an organization that is bringing together diverse spiritual groups and movements in search of common ground and highest potential.  As a successful lawyer and entrepreneur, he works with other professionals to discover and define the Evolutionary Edge of Enlightened Business, and as father and husband, that same edge for Enlightened Family Relationships.  


After the Absolute

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