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David Gold was the founding partner of Gold, Khourey, and Turak and a successful trial lawyer for over 15 years. During his legal career he lived and studied with West Virginia Zen teacher Richard Rose, and his experiences with Rose and the legal profession are chronicled in Gold’s first book, After the Absolute. In 1993 Gold sold his interest in the law firm and moved to North Carolina to work with the Self Knowledge Symposium (SKS), a cutting-edge spiritual group with chapters at Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina. While in North Carolina he co founded a software company, which was sold in 2000, enabling Gold to devote himself full-time to spiritual pursuits.

Gold has taught at major universities, lectured to student and professional groups around the country, hosted weekly radio and television shows, and produced the award-winning documentary film The Prison Sutras.   Since meeting spiritual teacher and evolutionary visionary Andrew Cohen in 2001, Gold has become a dedicated student of Cohen’s teachings, as well as an active participant in Cohen’s organization, EnlightenNext .  Gold founded the EnlightenNext Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he currently resides, teaches Evolutionary Enlightenment courses throughout the United States, and serves on EnlightenNext’s  Board of Directors as Chair of the Development.

After The Absolute


After the Absolute

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